Beijing, China
Jun 24-25, 2015
CAMIC International Convention Center
Registration and Welcome Coffee/Tea
Wednesday Morning June 24 07:30 – 09:00
Opening Speech by Chairman of Forum
Wednesday Morning June 24 09:00 – 09:15
Topic:     Opening Speech by Chairman of Forum
Speaker: Mr. ZHOU Laizhen, Deputy Administrator, CAAC
Session 1: Constructing Win ‐ Win Cooperation with
Wednesday Morning June 24 09:15 – 10:00
Moderator:Mr. ZHOU Laizhen, Deputy Administrator, CAAC
Topic:  ECAC Initiatives & Efforts to Promote the Regional Economy Integration Between Europe & Asia
Speaker:  Ms. Ingrid CHERFILS, President, European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)
Topic:  Embrace the New Era of Connected Europe and Asia in Aviation
Speaker:  Mr. Margus RAHOUJA, Director Aviation and International Transport Affairs, DG MOVE European Commission
Topic:  Plan and Construction of Trans ‐ Border Transportation under the Framework of Integration of North America Regions
Speaker:  Ms. Susan KURLAND, Assistant Secretary, US DOT
Coffee/Tea Break
Wednesday Morning June 24 10:00 – 10:30

Session 1: Constructing Win ‐ Win Cooperation with
Wednesday Morning June 24 10:00 – 10:30
Moderator:Mr. ZHOU Laizhen, Deputy Administrator, CAAC
Topic:  Support Civil Aviation Development to Construct Core Zone along 21 st Century Maritime Silk Road
Speaker:  Mr. ZHENG Xiaosong, Vice Governor, Fujian Provincial Government
Topic:  Extending Airways as a Major Connecting Gateway between Belt and Road
Speaker:  Mrs. HUANG Min
Topic:  New Regional Strategy Arrangement in China and Development Opportunity for Air Transport Industry
Speaker:  Mr. HOU Yongzhi, Director General, Dept. of Development Strategy & Regional Economy Research, Development Research Center of State Council
Topic:  Improve Air Connectivity by Promoting Civil Aviation Development to Support the Construction of the Core Zone of Silk Road Economic Belt
Speaker:  Mr. HUANG Wei, Executive Vice Governor, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government
Buffet Lunch
Wednesday Morning June 24 11:30-13:00
Session 1: Constructing Win ‐ Win Cooperation with
Wednesday Afternoon June 24 14:00 – 14:45
Speaker: Mr. LI Jiaxiang, Administrator, CAAC
Session 2: Improving Connectivity to Create a New Vision for Future Cooperation
Wednesday Afternoon June 24 14:45 – 16:15
Moderator:Mr. WANG Zhiqing, Deputy Administrator, CAAC
Topic:  Promote Opening and Cooperation among Many Nations through Civil Aviation
Speaker:  Mr. Arun MISHRA, Regional Director, ICAO Asia and Pacific Office
Topic:  Promoting Regional Advantages to Construct 21 st Century Maritime Silk Road
Speaker:  Mrs. Josephine TEO, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Finance & Ministry of Transport, Singapore
Topic:  U.S. Vision for a Seamless Global Aviation System
Speaker:  Mr. Michael WHITAKER, Deputy Administrator, US FAA
Topic:  Promoting the Integration of Central Asia Regional Aviation Market
Speaker:  Mr. M. SATAROV, Head of Department of Civil Aviation and Water Transport, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Kyrgyz Republic
Topic:  Czech General Aviation Projects Prepared for the One Belt One Road Initiative
Speaker:  Mr. Libor SECKA, Ambassador, the Czech Republic to the People's Republic of China
Panel 1: Creating a Comprehensive Cooperation Platform for Civil Aviation
Wednesday Afternoon June 24 16:45 – 18:00
Executive Secretary,European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)
Mr.HAN Jun
Director General,Dept.of International Affairs and Cooperation,CAAC
Mr.LI Derun
Chairman of the Board,Shanghai Airport Authority
Chairman & CEO,American Airlines Group
Professor,International Institute of Air of Space Law,Leiden University,the Netherlands
Session 3: Innovation to Plan for Aviation Development in the Future
Thursday Morning June 25 09:00 – 10:30
Moderator:Mr. WU Chengchang, Chief of Safety Supervision, CAAC
Topic:  Introduction of CAAC 13 th 5 ‐ Year Plan
Speaker:  Mr. WANG Changyi, Director General, Dept. of Development Planning, CAAC
Topic:  Strengthening Airworthiness International Cooperation Contribute to
Speaker:  Mr. YIN Shijun, Director General, Dept. of Aircraft Airworthiness and Certification, CAAC
Topic:  The Future of Aviation Industry in the New Opening Era
Speaker:  Mr. LIU Shaoyong, President, China Eastern Air Holding Company
Topic:  Innovative Multi ‐ Airport System Coordination Accelerate Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Civil Aviation Integration Strategy
Speaker:  Mr. LIU Xuesong, President & CEO, Capital Airports Holding Company
Topic:  AFCAC Initatves & Efforts to Promote the Regional Economy Interation in Afroca
Speaker:  Mr.Abdulai ALHASSAN Chairman, AFFCAC
Topic:  Mongolia As One of The Milestone Partner For Sustainable Development of The 21 st Century’s Silk Road Trade Industry
Speaker:  Mr. ERDENEBILEG Tserenchimed, Director General of CAA, Mongolia
Panel 2: Opportunities and Challenges for Civil Aviation Development under OBAOR Strategy 
Thursday Morning June 25 11:00–12:30 
Mr. SI Xianmin
President, China Southern Air Holding Company
Party  Secretary &  Deputy Director General, CAAC ATMB
Executive Chairman, British Airways
Mr. Eric CHEN
President & CEO, Airbus China
Mr.  Darren  A.  HULST
Managing Director, China & Northeast Asia Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Mr.  Roeland  VAN  KLAVEREN
Director of Government & Industry Affairs, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Chief Marketing Officer, General Manager of Sales & Marketing Department, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd.
Panel 3: Improving Infrastructure Network to Enhance Regional Connectivity
Thursday Morning June 25 14:00-15:15
Mr. LI Hai
President & CEO, China Aviation Supplies Holding Company (CAS)
Mr. ZHANG Kejian
Chairman of Board & Party Secretary, Guangdong Airport Authority
Head of Government and Public Affairs, Qantas Airways
Mr. GUO Qing
Vice President, Sales
and Marketing, Commercial Aviation, Embraer China

Mr. Paul NEF
Business Development Director, Honeywell
Mr. Sanjay NANDA
Senior Vice President and  Chief Client Development Officer, Sabre Airline Solutions
Adjusting to Environmental Change and Breaking through Traditional Business Model
Thursday Morning June 25 15:45–17:00
Ms. SUN Xiaomei
President, CAMIC
Vice President International, Government and Environment Affairs, Emirates Airlines
Mr. MA Jian, Director
Administrative Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone
Mr. SONG Qingguo
Secretary of Branch Committee of the CPC, China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd.
Mr. LI Sheng
Vice President of SF Express Group Co., LTD, CEO of SF Airlines Co., LTD.
Mr.  Carsten  Ruthart HESS
Vice  President, Deutsche  Post DHL Group
Closing Remarks by Chairman of Forum 
Thursday Morning June 25 17:00–17:15 
Moderator:Mr. ZHOU Laizhen, Deputy Administrator, CAAC
Topic:  Closing Remarks by Chairman of Forum 
Speaker:  Mr. ZHOU Laizhen, Deputy Administrator, CAAC
End of 2015 Civil Aviation Development Forum
Thursday Morning June 25 17:15
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